About us
Global reach
Reveal Ltd was founded by David Corrick Chief Executive Officer and owner in 1998. The organisation is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand with offices in Los Angeles, California, Macau and Adelaide, Australia, and affiliates in the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.
A history of innovation  
Reveal’s commenced operations offering light beam ‘people-counting’ to retailers but quickly realised the accuracy and reliability limitations inherent with this early technology and began development of a computer vision based system. The initial product was developed by Reveal® using a team of computer vision scientists. This purpose designed system was the first of its type in the world as competitors had simply evolved from video security or general programming backgrounds. The resulting, highly accurate and stable system received rapid and enthusiastic acceptance from the North American casino industry with one of the first installations in 1999 at the Las Vegas Paris Casino.
A team of customer engagement and computer vision technology specialists
David Corrick the Chief Executive Officer has over 30 years experience in business development and using technology to enhance operational performance. He is supported by an Advisory Board with corporate governance, business development and marketing expertise. His team includes sales and client management staff in the US, Australia and New Zealand, information technology specialists and installation and support personnel. The latter with responsibility for installation, maintenance and upgrades.
A blue chip client base
Reveal’s client list includes many of the leading casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and Australia. Retail chains in Australia and New Zealand. Shopping malls in the US, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. Reveal® is also expanding its operations in to public utilities with a number of City Councils using the Aveon® system for accurate and cost effective pedestrian and people movement analysis.
Unlocking exponential growth.
Reveal is committed to unlocking exponential growth for its clients. Its aim is to keep its product highly relevant to their clients as a key business analysis and performance management tool. Reveal believes in a business partnership model and that its success will only be truly measured by the success of its clients in using the product to understand and improve their business.

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