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Casinos are in many ways akin to retail businesses in that revenue and profitability are directly related to the quality of the customer experience. There is however one key difference. Unlike retail, casinos cannot simply increase the size or number of business units to grow revenue. They must therefore achieve this through a continued focus on customer service and efficiency.

As one Casino marketing director told Reveal, " It is very simple. The number of customers times the player gaming ratio equals revenue. My job is to increase the total number of people that visit the casino and hopefully attract the type of customer that will be comfortable in our casino and spend their time and money here. Now, when revenue changes from historical trends, I can identify whether the change (good or bad) is the result of our external marketing operation or internal customer satisfaction. Before, I was just guessing."

Some key benefits for Casinos using the Aveon® system are:

  • A powerful tool to gauge the effectiveness of discounted/subsidized facilities or promotional events used as a marketing strategy to attract people to the casino gaming floor
  • Real-time monitoring of traffic within the establishment. Casino executives can accurately determine the proper times to open and close tables to provide the atmosphere they desire
  • Optimization of staff to customer ratios to ensure appropriate proactive deployment of security, dealers, cocktail waitresses, etc

Combining Aveon® traffic data with slot and table games management systems to evaluate potential demand against achieved revenue and to evaluate the product mix to maximize revenues

The Aveon® customer engagement system can be configured one of two ways: 

Core configuration 1: total store behavioural analysis
Full casino coverage with multiple counting zones with optional ’add-on’ management tools such as trend analysis, event evaluation, staff rostering, balanced scorecard management, Croupier coaching, revenue forecasting, management by exception, and complex data analysis

Core configuration 2: entry only behavioural analysis
Entry only casino coverage with optional ’add-on’ management tools such as trend analysis, event evaluation, staff rostering, balanced scorecard management, Croupier coaching, revenue forecasting, management by exception and complex data analysis

Optional ‘add-on’ management tools

The Aveon® customer engagement system has a range of intuitive ‘add-on’ management tools to provide the casinos with the information and insights necessary to implement the changes required to improve venue performance.

Aveon® casino management tools


Trend analysis

to highlight trends and relationships between casino visitation, sales, , conversion rates and other key metrics

Event evaluation

to capture key information influencing casino and gaming floor visitation such as promotions,  weather, etc

Revenue forecasting

to forecast revenue and manage budgets based on historical data

Staff rostering

to optimise croupier rostering/scheduling based on predictive casino visitations

Balanced scorecard management

to evaluate casino  performance against KPIs

Croupier coaching

to identify opportunities for coaching interventions

Proactive performance monitoring

to manage budget versus actual with automated exception reports

Complex data analysis

to assist with interpreting patterns or trends within massive data sets across entertainment zones


"Reveal has quite literally been a revelation for us. It has helped us to see aspects of our customers and business that we did not know, we did not know. We have invested heavily in establishing a contemporary business intelligence infrastructure in the last two years. Reveal is one of the key tools within the suite of analytical, visualisation and mining tools that we currently use within the business. We see the further development of this tool in particular, adding significant additional value to our analytical capability.
In addition, the relationship that we have established with Reveal has been invaluable. The partnership approach that has been developed between our organisations adds significant value for both of our businesses. We value this relationship highly"

Don Jones, Director of Planning and Development,
Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast, Australia

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