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Data visualisation
The data visualisation techniques of the Aveon® system provides an enhanced data visualisation or ‘snapshot’ of a business enterprise.

The Aveon® system uses advanced data visualisation technology to provide a virtual view of a property, whether in-store layout with merchandising and queuing, or physical casino/mall with entrance traffic and retailer. Multiple datasets can be visualised across a business's whole operation in one view. Data sets can be ranked by colour to display relative performance, or use of heat maps to illustrate movement or dwell.

When viewing the Aveon® system ‘snapshots’ the user is able to select:

  • The period to view.
  • The data set to render.
  • The rank of the data, by position or value.
  • Replay' a period incrementally - i.e. iterate daily every x seconds.

Near-real time corporate dashboard display (Big Screen operations). The following are examples of  Aveon® snapshot images.

Internal flow
Rendering internal flow data within a store or over one or more floors of a business area.
Internal flow combined with other data sets 
Displaying performance in relation to pass by traffic.
Full premises breakdown
Displaying full information on individual premises.
Macro view
Whether is a country, city or a large property, displaying an entire operation in one real time view, with drilling down on the data.

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