A Global Leader in Customer Engagement Systems™

Reveal's unique Aveon® customer engagement system has completely revolutionised the traditional ‘people counting’ industry. Advanced computer visioning and the sophisticated business analytics software deliver 95% accuracy and a depth of actionable insights unmatched by any other system.

Proven Results - Doubling conversion rates and significantly increasing margins

Reveal® has been delivering exponential margin growth for major US, Asian and Australasian retailers, shopping malls, casinos and public utilities for over 15 years. Results speak for themselves – an astonishing ROI; doubling conversion rates, significantly increasing margins and maximising planning efficiencies.

Business and Planning Intelligence at your Finger-Tips

The Aveon® customer engagement system is the ultimate performance management tool. Head office, frontline managers and planners have access to information in real time via a “Tom Tom GPS type dashboard.” Sales can be more accurately forecast, trends analysed, comparisons made, event performance evaluated, staff rosters aligned to traffic-not transactions, conversion targets determined, sales coaching plans developed and much, much more. All directly impacting on efficiency and profitability.

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