Solutions - Queue Management

A critical customer service objective for businesses such as banking, fast-food, hyper-marts and large format 'cash & wrap' stores is to minimise time spent in queues.

To date most businesses have, at best, taken a reactive approach by assigning more staff to open additional POS terminals or service counters. In response to this challenge Revea® has developed a sophisticated queue measurement system that will detect when customers enter 'free-form' queues, count customers in the queue, average wait times, etc. Click here to view a video clip of the Aveon® system in action.

The Aveon® system not only reports queue behaviour in real-time but can also provide a quantitative analysis of queuing problems in the business. It is also possible to utilise predictive tools to anticipate peaks in queues before they occur. This allows for a pro-active approach to avoiding queuing problem.

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