Technology - Reporting and analysis
Reporting and analysis
Reveal® has invested significant resource into developing a user interface and reporting system that has the capacity to truly enhance business insights and decision making.
Many of Reveal’s early clients commented that they had very little time to analyse massive data sets or consider how to solve issues highlighted by the system. (such as low or erratic conversion rates in retail stores). Numerous specific reporting modules have been implemented for different industries. This is necessary to enhance the ability of the system to produce simple actionable information relevant to the type of business. For instance the retail application has an optional staff rostering module based on accurate trended predictions of store visitation - this enables the store manager to optimize staffing without sacrificing the customer service capacity necessary to capture sales

Application Delivery
The reporting system is delivered through a standard web browser over the client network. This has several distinct advantages:

  • A familiar interface for the user which minimizes training needs to navigate the screens.
  • No requirement to install proprietary software on every user pc (only the Aveon® system is installed on a single head office server).
  • Remote access to information in the Aveon® system via Wide Area Network or modem is a standard feature of the system.

Portal Based Reporting
The system utilizes a portal based reporting system that allows information to be tailored to the type of market. This means, for instance, that the appropriate language and terminology can be used to suit a particular market. However, the flexible presentation and reporting capabilities of the portal structure goes beyond just delivering information in the format required for a specific market, it can also provide different information to different levels within a business, from corporate to 'shop floor'. Consequently the entire content and the 'look and feel' of the information can be tailored to suit the user requirements.

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