Solutions - Transport Planning & Management

City planners and traffic engineers have traditionally planned roads and transport infrastructures by collecting data manually and 'modelling' traffic flows. This methodology is highly labour intensive and time consuming and also prone to human and statistical error.

The Aveon® system from Reveal is the only technology of its type that is capable of operating with high levels of accuracy and reliability in variable lighting conditions - this includes anything from flashing lights, often found in environments such as casinos, to strong direct sunlight and shadows in outdoor environments.

The Aveon® system can therefore be used outdoors and configured to detect vehicles travelling through a zone of interest. The system offers real-time actual (not modelled) data that is invaluable for traffic engineers. Furthermore the Aveon® system has the capacity to be configured to detect 'near-miss' incidents in potentially dangerous intersections or highway 'black spots', thereby substantially reducing the time necessary to evaluate potential problems. The system has the added benefit of avoiding the need to rely on accident data for traffic management decisions.

Highway traffic volumes can also be monitored in real-time with accurate statistical information. The Aveon® system can accurately indicate speed, distances between vehicles and types of vehicles based on size.

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