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Computer visioning
The state of the art technology in the Aveon® customer engagement system uses overhead video cameras to feed images back to a computer. Images are processed by an advanced tracking algorithm to record people movements within the picture frame.

Reveal camera housings look great in all environments and are very discrete. The colours can be easily matched to any decor.

95% counting accuracy
This unique process addresses a large number of accuracy problems commonly encountered in alternative systems namely:

  • variable lighting conditions
  • shadowing
  • different camera heights and people sizes
  • high traffic volumes
  • people pausing/loitering in frame

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Total location coverage
The ‘complete’ path followed by a person is recorded, from the moment they appear till they exit the field of view. Counts are generated when a person's path crosses a counting zone drawn on the image. Each count has associated with it the direction of travel and time of occurrence. Because all people movements within the image are tracked, multiple zones can be used in a single camera view. The data from multiple cameras can be tied together in real-time, without duplication, to handle entrances too wide to be covered by a single camera, or to provide coverage of a broad area.
People count and dwell time
A separate processing subsystem estimates the number of people in a zone and the average time spent. This data can be used to analysis queue dwell time at locations such as airports and banks.
See the images and videos on the right for examples of typical environments and applications of our technology.

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